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Daylight saving time is not kind to me. I suppose I bear some of the responsibility for today's mishap. It's not like I turned in for the night in any way that suggests I was prepared to rise at 5 a.m. But I did set out my clothes, set the alarm, check that the radio station was properly tuned in. Either I was more exhausted than I thought or my classical station was playing one of their airy, space-age sounding pieces, because I didn't wake up. I had a good, steady REM going when the phone rang and put a quick end to it. One ring, and I thought to myself, "Uh-oh."

The time was 6:45, 15 minutes past starting time, and I was supposed to be holding down the fort today. Oops. I got up, accomplished the bare minimum of the morning routine, grabbed a bowl of raisen bran and headed out the door. Made the 30-minute commute and arrived at work at 7:30. Not too shabby.

Here's what gets me. My hair, which isn't lush and full of body on a good day, is hanging here stringy and flat, and all I did to salvage the disaster was plug a couple little hair clips to hold the sides up. I got more compliments on this look today than I've had in the past six months. Truely embarrassing.

I got home and had a message on the machine to attend a girls'-night-out skin care party tonight. I'm tired, unshowered, and my face is breaking out like a teenager. But who am I trying to impress? I went. Now I think I smell like a produce stand. Everything was all-natural, featuring Aloe. Not just Aloe, either, but special aloe. I tried out a facial mask made with honey. It felt like honey, too. Very sticky and weird. About the time the salesgirl was telling us how safe it is for children, I decided to taste it. Had to find out if it tasted like it felt. Have to say, it does not taste like honey. But it's nontoxic, so I'm quite well.
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I have now completed my viewing of all 12 episodes of "With Love." The first episode just by itself was so very dreary, but I hung in there and kept watching, and by ep 6 I was doing a lot of advising/coaching/complaining at the screen and some occasional squealing. One time I called a character a not very nice name.

Take-away quote from this: "Not everyone has the opportunity to live life the way they want to. Most people endure it."

Amen to that, she says, surrounded by Christmas decorations waiting to be boxed, dwindling groceries, and uneasy twinges toward an early work meeting. Wallflowers make odd middle managers is all I can say.
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It is a work weekend, which means nothing other than work is likely to get accomplished before Monday. This includes laundry, lesson plans, and meaningful writing. However, I did have a little fun at work, writing up two versions of an entry for a page of nurses notes.

1. The Official Version

"Resident incontinent of loose BM x 2 this a.m. Required complete assist."

2. The Take-Home Version For My Own Amusement

"Resident incontinent of loose BM x 2 this a.m. Required complete assist with clean-up. Dimwitted R.N. dosed him with 17 Gm Miralax per resident request, knowing this was probably a bad move, given said resident had already been incontinent of loose BM x 1 at that time. Resident's excuse: I hate to be constipated. R.N.'s excuse: Still don't know. Suspect covert hostility toward assigned C.N.A."

Incidentally, the dimwitted R.N. I'm referring to is me, and the assigned C.N.A. is a lovely woman toward whom I don't harbor any conscious hostility.

Yesterday was the impromtu zoo field trip. It must be noted that one way I enjoy entertaining myself these days is taking all the kids out in public so I can gauge the response of other people. It's pretty common to see somebody with one or two kids with or without a stroller on downtown streets. It's less common to see a couple hauling a lawn wagon loaded with 3 kids under 5 and another 3 kids over 5 meandering alongside. It's hard to stop in a little cafe with that kind of entourage, so we settled for a storefront McDonalds for lunch. We were going to shake things up a little and visit Boston Market, but we're Friday vegetarians and Boston Market has no fish. Overall, we got a pretty favorable reaction from others. Mainly, people seemed most interested in the ratio of boys to girls. Happily, no one on this trip asked me if my husband fathered all of them.
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Today, one of my residents came into my office, angry, accusing my staff of stealing her towels. She did the same thing last week, and I found them for her in laundry, waiting to be delivered. I tried laundry again today but did not find the towels. I sent another nurse to her apartment to locate the towels. For approximately seven minutes (but who's counting?), I heard dear resident recount the indignity of my staff scavenging her apartment for her towels. How was she to bathe? How was she to dry stuff? Ah, look, here is our nurse with your four sets of bath towels from your apartment. They're all here, clean, just hiding away in a cupboard, most likely. Problem solved, right? Unfortunately, dear resident no longer recognized the towels as hers. They are now imposter towels. I asked kind nurse to please return the towels to the apartment. "You do that, and I'll throw them into the hall!" vows resident.

The most consoling thing about caring for people with dementia is also the most consoling thing about caring for little babies. Either way, if they decide you've done them wrong, they won't remember in an hour and you have a chance to try it again.

It snowed today. In honor of the occasion, I present a fitting quote from poet e.e. cummings:

The snow doesn't give a soft, white damn whom it touches.
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So I was at work yesterday, where I manage a portion of a large, self-contained retirement community. I was manning the unit (relatively independent apartment dwellers), on my way to answer a call alert from the nether reaches of the place, accompanied by one of the CNAs. I was talking to her about my writing hobby, because ever since I experienced that creative ebullition last summer, I have no reservations about talking it up to anyone and everyone. I told her, "I'm trying to write something new, so I'm playing 'what if'." I then proceeded to explain this fun little exercise. "What if Mrs. So-and-so's deadbeat son was found murdered in this apartment? She hasn't been here for the past week. There's a well-known animosity between him and the half-sister over the inheritance. It would seem obvious she's the one who did it, but her alibi's rock solid..."

I wonder if it's okay that my coworkers think I'm odd and that secretly pleases me. I really do like the idea of a murder mystery suspense set in a retirement community setting.


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