Sep. 24th, 2012 10:05 pm
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The project is stalled. I've got a great collection of reasons. For fun, let's list them.

Reasons My Writing Project is Standing Neglected

1. I'm nauseated and cranky and I don't feel like writing about other people's problems.

2. Someone else is in the process of posting a story I'm enjoying, and mine doesn't give me as much pleasure.

3. It kind of hurts to think that hard.

4. I'd rather be sleeping.

5. I ought to be flipping loads of laundry and paying the bills.

6. Homeschool.

7. Scouts.

8. I have this job that interferes with my extracurricular writing time.

So tonight, at dinner, my 7-year-old whacked his head on a kitchen cabinet and he started bleeding like the dickens from his scalp, which caused him to sort of freak out and scream, which led to general chaos among all the children. Fortunately, I am a trained professional. I calmly administered first aid, talked down the panicky  child, had one kid wipe up the mess on the floor, and another kid summon his father from the garage where he was taking a social call...all so I could yell at poor husband for not being available to pour the milk so 7-year-old wouldn't have placed his head in such close proximity to the cabinet. Poor husband. Anyway, the bleeding stopped, and as is often the case with head wounds, the bleeding was far out of proportion to the miniscule cut in his hairline.

Now it's almost 10:30, and I'm sleepy but my stomach is growling and I want something to make it stop. Guess it's time to go trolling the kitchen before I head for bed.
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Top Ten Reasons My Blog Page Suffers Neglect

10. Got the blahs for a while

9. Sounds like work

8. Life hasn't been cooperating with inspiring thoughts

7. The weather's nice, need more rain

6. Spending more time watching TV with husband

5. Going to bed earlier thanks to an evening nightcap

4. Haven't been writing, have nothing to share

3. Contemplating new projects, less online time

2. Who am I kidding? Online time heavily favoring nice British lady's Scarecrow and Mrs King blog

1. Time for dinner!

It's Friday, fish-n-chips night, a nod to our honeymoon in London. :)


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