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Top Ten Reasons My Blog Page Suffers Neglect

10. Got the blahs for a while

9. Sounds like work

8. Life hasn't been cooperating with inspiring thoughts

7. The weather's nice, need more rain

6. Spending more time watching TV with husband

5. Going to bed earlier thanks to an evening nightcap

4. Haven't been writing, have nothing to share

3. Contemplating new projects, less online time

2. Who am I kidding? Online time heavily favoring nice British lady's Scarecrow and Mrs King blog

1. Time for dinner!

It's Friday, fish-n-chips night, a nod to our honeymoon in London. :)
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The school year is winding to a close...soon, I hope. Lately, my interest in writing anything has dwindled, as it is periodically wont to do. Lots has been happening, and after a time I know that these happenings will feed a great deal of writing. Speaking of writing, I had a little idea in mind to write for the Scarecrow and Mrs. King fandom, and wouldn't you know it, today someone posted a story with the same motif! It was a relatively brilliant little post, too. I still might write my idea, since the subject matter is completely different, but I sure won't post it real soon. Don't want to look like a copycat.

And since I have no fiction to post, I will indulge myself with the telling of an anecdote.

My husband and I are fans of Food Network programming. Iron Chef America, Good Eats, Chopped, Next Food Network Star, and so forth. It inspires Husband to let his creativity out for a romp and try new things in the kitchen. In the twelve years of our marriage, this has always been a hit-or-miss proposition. We love guacamole. Husband has been working avocados over for many years now. His most recent batch of guac, a week ago, was probably the finest effort I've sampled. Sampled, nothing! I singlehandedly consumed 3/4 of the bowl. Earlier efforts, however, have been memorable in ways unrelated to culinary greatness. One time he put everything into a blender together and made avacado paste. Another time he used sour cream and made pale green avacado mousse. My favorite memory, however, is the time he introduced garlic into the picture.

I have no sense of smell and I never have. It was not numbered among my genetic package of goodies. I can taste stuff, but I clearly lack the discernment of spices and herbs that someone not olfactorily challenged would have. For example, I can't positively identify the taste of garlic. If it's in a food, it's simply not obvious to me. I miss it. So, the first time Husband incorporated garlic into his guacamole, he (being unfamiliar with fresh garlic) didn't recognize the difference between a clove and a head. Long story short, he minced an entire head of garlic into a 3-avacado guacamole recipe, and there was so much garlic flavor, I couldn't taste the avacado. I think he gave me an appreciation for garlic I never knew until that day.
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It was a long time coming, but stranger things have happened. Tonight I viewed the 88th episode of Scarecrow and Mrs. King. Actually, it was season 2, episode 10, but here's the deal. Back in high school, right after both Probe and Adderly went belly up, I recorded every episode of Scarecrow and Mrs. King. Every episode except...the one never shown in syndication. I was such a doofus, I memorized every episode title and could name them in order. I used to kill study hall hour timing myself to see how fast I could write them all down. Anyway, 1 episode was never shown, and now I found it on-line. It's called "Playing Possum." Was it worth the wait? *giggle* It was a fair episode, and not nearly as exciting as "A Far, Far Better Thing" from Adderly. That's okay. I still got a kick out of it. Husband had to rest up for the night shift, so I had time on my hands.

In other news, Husband was a little jumpy last night. We hadn't been sleeping long when I awoke to him leaping out of bed and peering through the blinds, muttering to himself. He grabbed the phone and ran out into the hall, turned on the light. Well, that had my attention.

"What's the matter?" I reasonably wanted to know. Had to ask a few times before he answered.

"Gunshots," he finally said grimly. "Kids running down the street. I'm calling 911."

Oh, Lord. There's a Saturday night on the wrong side of the tracks. So he went to the front door and gave an account to the authorities. Apparently, he awoke to the sound of 2 sharp cracks not far away, and when he got up to investigate, he saw a group of a half-dozen juveniles running past the house. It might have been less intimidating to me or anyone else who didn't grow up on Chicago's southside, where the crack of gunfire in the night is sadly familiar. Anyway, our local PD sent out 3 squad cars immediately to check things out, and they talked to husband while I padded about the downstairs, shivering and near blind without my contacts.

Turned out, it wasn't gunfire after all, just a group of teenage yahoos swinging at mailboxes with a baseball bat. They got 2 of the neighbors, but not ours this time. They knocked it flat last Halloween, though. Husband had plenty of reason to be spooked. Just a few days ago, I was working at the computer in the front window at night when something thunked against the glass in front of me. Husband checked the front porch and found a paper bag in flames. Sounds like we live in a war zone, doesn't it? Well, it's not quite the Mayberry it used to be when I was a kid, I'll say that much.

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Oh, sweet satisfaction! I finally have closure. It is complete. Tonight, doncfoley, to whom I am eternally indebted, posted the episode of Adderly called "A Far, Far Better Thing." I have been waiting more than twenty years to see the last half of that episode. I taped it on the VCR in high school when it aired, but due to some switch-up in programming, I got half an episode of The Pat Sajak Show and half an Adderly. After that trauma, I used to set my alarm to wake me for Adderly so I could personally supervise the videotaping of the show.

Out of 44 episodes, Mr. Foley chose to upload this one 43rd. I think it is part of a larger, divine sense of humor. Was it worth the wait? Well, yes and no. Yes, because that last half contained the most humiliating moment of V.H. Adderly's life, which I found terribly funny. No, because the ending didn't quite satisfy. I might correct that little remiss with my own fiction. The only other disappointment about that episode is how uncharacteristically stupid Adderly was. I'll have to work that little chink into my overall concept of him before I write anything else.

Husband had to sit and watch with me tonight. I told him that a moment as exciting as this must be shared. But it was a great cap to a date night: Thai food, Barnes and Noble, coffee, Adderly. Can't think of a better way to spend an evening.
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Well, hello, blog. I'm resurfacing from a splendid Adderly lovefest on Youtube. We're up to 16 episodes posted. Two went up while I was watching another one earlier toight. And #16 is Requiem, one of my alltime favorites. Adderly supposedly dies. I don't think it's a spoiler to say he doesn't actually die. I mean, he's the title character after all. It's a great opportunity to see how his coworkers really feel about him, though. The office secretary, Mona, is my favorite. Her devastation when the office manager has to break the news just kills me, and then the reunion...big ol' smile on my face every time.

In other news, my resident thesbian is preparing for opening night of the local performance of "Anne Frank." He plays a scary Nazi. He gave me a sneak-peak of his part, and I have to say, he is a very scary Nazi. Hard to believe a man can be such an innocuous goofball and still play a very convincing brute. He says next time he's doing a comedy or he's passing it up. I've read The Diary of Anne Frank, and honestly, I'd rather not see the play. But since Husband went to the trouble to take a part in it, I probably ought to buck up and show some support.
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Currently I've been focusing more on reading and less on writing. In fact, I pretty much shelved every writing project for the time being, mostly because of the more pressing concerns of life (such as my children's education), and partly because I want to develop a writing voice some more before I go spouting it off publicly.

It actually doesn't matter that I "decided" to put writing on hold, because I'll succumb to inspiration whether I intend to or not. There's an interesting little thread running through my mind of an AU version of my life. It's not a particularly pretty thought, but it's highly thought-provoking, and could make a good fiction novel, if I ever get that far. Right now, it's fermenting in my brain and there it will remain until further notice.

In the meantime, I think I will introduce myself to the writing of drabble, since it's less time-consuming and has great potential for being fun...Wait a second. Didn't I just say I "decided" to put writing on hold? I swear, my intentions have no part in this.

My other little project is giving encouragement to another writer I know, one from my own household, who opened an account here but is afraid to use it. Right now I'm bribing him with money and the threat of ridicule. Our fandoms are widely divergent, but I find his sense of humor irresistable.
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A nice, long weekend away from home (without children, of course), is a terrific way to decompress, reflect, and find a new perspective. This happy event occurs for me approximately once every five years, so I made the very most of it and never touched a keyboard nor raised my voice at anyone, not even once in forty-eight hours.

On Friday night, husband and I went to eat at Little Tokyo. We had bento boxes and the opportunity to increase our proficiency with chopsticks. In this area, I excel, which is why I out-ate husband, who is eight inches taller and *undisclosed by request* pounds heavier than me.

Husband: You know, it would be nice if the waitstaff offered tutorials with diagrams when you come in here so people could learn how to use these things.

Me: (between bites) That sounds helpful.

Husband: They probably used chopsticks in Europe once, but everyone gave up on them and went back to fingers until they came up with the spoon.

Me: Mmmmm.

Husband: I wish someone here would show me how to snap 'em, like Mr. Miyagi in The Karate Kid.

Me: That would be cool.

Husband: Ouch!

Me: What's the matter?

Husband: (holding lip) I think I got a splinter.

Me: Ohhh, sweetie. Why don't you just use the fork?

Husband: (Disregarding the suggestion. He won't give up so easy) How do you pick up a whole salmon filet with these? Oh, look. You can perforate it in a line and it just splits. That works.

Me: I don't think you're supposed to poke the food like that.

Husband: If you weren't suppose to poke with them, then why would they taper to points? (Holds up the chopsticks, for effect)

The next night, we went out for Mexican. A waiter left a serving platter with an assortment of desserts on a shelf next to our table, and we spent a fair amount of time debating whether they were real or fake samples. In the end, husband put his finger in the cheesecake with chocolate sauce nearest him and made the final determination. "That is not real. I know polyethelene drizzle when I feel it."

My most exciting find on the trip happened in a used bookstore on the Main St. strip. Isaac Asimov's 1976 Murder at the ABA. I've had that on the mental to-buy list for years! It's connection with Probe, its recommendation by the author himself, combined to make me squeal like a schoolgirl when I saw it. And bonus, it only cost five bucks. First chapter contains a naughty limerick and a reference to "Crossover." I'll be doing a lot of reading between today and tomorrow.

Well, I'm back home now and slowly reacclimating to my ordinary life with its unavoidable limitations, obligations, and disappointments. But that healthy dose of rest and spontaneity may have given me the boost I need to carry on in a slightly altered direction. I have some new ideas that I think will be very helpful.
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Narration. Therein lies my hangup. I'm stuck on chapter 5 because I can't figure out whose perspective is being narrated, and I can't figure out how to incorporate all the elements I want in a way that isn't a stretch. On top of it, I'm looking at chapters 1 through 4, which, while not too bad, could be improved quite a bit. I think I'm lacking sufficient detail. It's the bane of my writing hobby. Detail. I get too eager to just tell the tale and neglect to give it the detail it needs to pop off the page.

So now I sit at a crossroads. There, to the left, lies the path of distraction (i.e. and spider solitaire). To the right lies obligation (bills, homeschool, housework, job, more bills). Straight ahead looms that shadowy, ominous path of self-doubt we always try to avoid, even though it is just right there, straight ahead, kind of waving. Somewhere in this murky vision lies the path of enlightenment, that blissful haven of writer's joy where words flow in a white-water torrent of genius. Where is that place and why can't I find it?

Husband just answered, "You're too distracted. You should neglect the housework and write more." He's pretty cool, as long as the mortgage gets paid and he has clean underwear.


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