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Chapter 7, complete and posted. Whew. The hardest thing about it was filling up that space in time, because I already knew what was going to happen that night. I just had to get there first. The cool thing is I managed to include a couple of things that sort of presented themselves and surprised even me. The theme of family, and of dysfunctional family coupled grotesquely with fierce loyalty, is provocative. My husband suggested--in jest, I think--that I got my inspiration from his family. If that was the case, it was not consciously done. And really, my in-laws are not so very scary. At least, not like the Gilbertinos!

Otherwise, how about The Mentalist season finale?! I was listening with my ear buds here, and at one point I was scrunched down in my seat with my eyes squeezed shut, tittering like a middle-schooler...Jaaaaaane! Bad move, buddy!! Sure was a fun episode. I used it to reward myself for finishing chapter 7.
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Okay, so I'm swinging back around this way since it has been a few weeks. Currently, I'm immersing myself in The Mentalist fandom. It's a strange entrance into this one. I first encountered The Mentalist via a rec for a fanvid, and I found the vid rather intriguing. That led me to Wikipedia, followed by a viewing of episode clips off Youtube, and eventually I was really loving the concept and falling hard for the Jane/Lisbon characters when it occured to me I still hadn't viewed an entire episode. So I remedied that earlier this week and watched one on the CBS site. Wow, this really is an attractive program for me.

The only reservation I have right now is the gore factor. It's a police procedural, like CSI and Criminal Minds, which I typically find distastefully graphic in the portrayal of murders. My imagination really doesn't need nor want that much help. Therefore, I've historically avoided even venturing into such viewing, regardless of the extensive popularity of these programs.

The Mentalist may end up being an exception though. It gives a painfully angsty background to a main character who is good-looking, ridiculously brilliant, and appealingly flawed. The dynamic between Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon is so simultaneously powerful and understated, it made me squee on first viewing. First viewing! And that was a season 5 episode.

This is such a terrific diversion from real life, which has been continuing on the same, tiresome path it was coursing the last time I mentioned it. I'd mention it again, but why be redundant? Same song, next verse. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

The only other thing I wanted to do with this post was link to an exceptional Mentalist fanfic that stands alone as a terrific romance/thriller, even with little prior knowledge of the show itself. The author is herself pretty interesting, and I recommend perusing both her current story and her profile. A reader's caveat, however: this lady gives new meaning to the term "evil cliffhanger."


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