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So, for day 2, I'm looking at recommending 3 fanworks of others' that are essentially underrated. This one required me to apply myself and actually create links, but I'm fairly game so here it goes...

1. Christmas Party by lasergirl is from the Adderly fandom. There are few Adderly stories out there, and this one is, in my opinion, the best. It really captures the quirkiness of Mona and the wit of Adderly, as well as their comfortable friendship that only toys with the very idea of ever going deeper.

Ahh, nuts. I was looking all over for #2 and I can't relocate it. So now it's after 10:00 and I have to be up early, so I'm going to bed. Again, this would probably be easier if I had a greater base to draw from, but I'm relatively new to the whole fanart phenomenon, so this will have to be put off until I have more time to devote to the assignment.
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Intuitively, this shouldn't be such a difficult challenge, to rec 3 fanart pieces of my own that are personal favorites. The trouble I'm having with this little assignment (thank you very much, vesperregina) is I have so little to choose from. That, and I have small children vying for my attention. Anyway, I think I have come up with my three tops:

1. Almost Home

Duh! I spent six months preoccupied with that one, so I better like it. For my first attempt at an extensive story, I chose the Scarecrow and Mrs. King fandom primarily because it's a large fandom and I'm likely to get enough feedback from a submission to make it worth the effort. Working against my limited attention span when it comes to completing projects I begin, I managed to finish this one. Props to Paula. More than that, though, I got to play with some literary techniques. I wove some layers into the primary plot, practiced with flashback, manipulated the pace and intensity of suspense, built multidimensional antagonists. It was a real practicum in serious writing for me, and as much fun as I had with it, I can see I don't currently have the luxury of enough time to properly devote to professional writing.

2. So, Was He Jealous

Pure fluff! It was fun, it came easy. I still enjoy reading it every once in a while. And it was a wonderfully cost-free birthday present. What more could I ask for? I was particularly pleased with the last line of that one.

3. Before the First Time

My first venture into Scarecrow and Mrs. King. I was just testing the waters with this one. It was only meant to be a snapshot memory, but those who reviewed it indicated they wanted an expanded story, which confirmed I should go ahead and write Almost Home. I consider this one a gateway piece. Again, I was practicing with various literary techniques, just trying my hand. I have a particular line out of that one that pleases me: ...He was always so gentle, even when he was twisting the knife...

All of these are viewable on under the author's handle: waswoksa.


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