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I hate Skype. There, I've admitted it. My husband registered for it, and now whenever the bells go off that indicate an incoming call, my reaction is to leap from my seat and run from the room. I don't care who is calling. I don't want to see them or be seen. It kind of creeps me out.

I wonder if this reaction falls within the realm of normal.

Yesterday I learned that car dealerships in our town don't stock vehicles suitable for couples with more than five children. I actually stood for a moment giving serious consideration to a 7-seater SUV with a significant space between the middle row captain seats that could certainly accomodate a 10-year-old...nah. In the meantime, we get to places in town with a technique involving one parent dropping off the 3 oldest at the destination, then driving back to pick up the other parent and 3 youngest. This is going to get old real quick.

And lastly, my fanfic is taking off again splendidly. I'm writing a chapter now that has a dialogue that's been waiting for weeks to be filled out. I may or may not continue with that tonight, as it's already 10:30...but wait. If I remember correctly, there's just one more ice-cold Cherry Pepsi with my name on it out in the garage. Maybe I'll stay up just a wee bit longer...:P


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