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In the interest of pulling myself out of a slump, I visited the site for an old, forgotten favorite of mine, Hardcastle and McCormick. I used to tape those episodes in...let's see...probably about 1990-ish. No, 1991. Summer. It was after my Scarecrow and Mrs. King phase.

Anyway, someone just posted a terrific filler for the season 3 episode called "If You Could See What I See," about a psychic who foresees Mark's apparent "death." Anyone familiar with my fan fiction may recognize the episode title and loosely, the premise, as suspiciously close to a Probe fic I wrote a few years ago. Shameless, I know. was a particular favorite episode of Hardcastle and McCormick. And it guest-starred Rosemary Clooney. Bonus.

This particular fan fiction was such an angst-y, satisfying read, and it was written by another RN like myself, making the medical references gleefully realistic. Oh yes, I recognize your hypovolemic shock! Medically-induced coma during post-op intubation, Dopamine drip titrated to preserve renal perfusion, broken bones being a tertiary concern, after stabilized vital signs, extubation, and infection control (well, it does no good to resolve hypovolemic shock only to succumb to septic shock).

So, a big kudos to Voyager Tip for this one:

One thing led to another, and I was ravaging the Hardcastle and McCormick stories, until I found more great reads. There are quite a few in this fandom, actually. Quite a few very talented authors. The whole thing inspired me to climb into the crawlspace and root out my old VCR tapes with the show on them. I was looking for the Rosemary Clooney ep, in particular. Did I find it? I found the right season and a number of episodes aggravatingly close to this one, but unfortunately, I have tape 45 and tape 47, but no tape 46. Dang it. Well, there's always Christmas to look forward to. I think Season 3 will end up at the top of my wish list.

In other news:

1. I am not now, nor am I soon to be...writing. It's just not happening. The well's dry.

2. Husband's Greek cooking has reaffirmed my faith in his inherent worth as a spouse and as a cook. The man is a genius in the kitchen, I swear.

3. Parker Stevenson day approaches, and anticipation increasingly turns to dread. I hate crowds. The event is too formal and controlled; I won't be able to be natural. I don't shine in these situations. I'd do much better at your average Comic Con, I think. What the hell was I thinking, anyway? Gaaah!

4. I really need something...perspective, I pull out of this funk. Sleep probably would be a good start. I'd better wrap this up and go to bed.
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Okay, so I'm swinging back around this way since it has been a few weeks. Currently, I'm immersing myself in The Mentalist fandom. It's a strange entrance into this one. I first encountered The Mentalist via a rec for a fanvid, and I found the vid rather intriguing. That led me to Wikipedia, followed by a viewing of episode clips off Youtube, and eventually I was really loving the concept and falling hard for the Jane/Lisbon characters when it occured to me I still hadn't viewed an entire episode. So I remedied that earlier this week and watched one on the CBS site. Wow, this really is an attractive program for me.

The only reservation I have right now is the gore factor. It's a police procedural, like CSI and Criminal Minds, which I typically find distastefully graphic in the portrayal of murders. My imagination really doesn't need nor want that much help. Therefore, I've historically avoided even venturing into such viewing, regardless of the extensive popularity of these programs.

The Mentalist may end up being an exception though. It gives a painfully angsty background to a main character who is good-looking, ridiculously brilliant, and appealingly flawed. The dynamic between Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon is so simultaneously powerful and understated, it made me squee on first viewing. First viewing! And that was a season 5 episode.

This is such a terrific diversion from real life, which has been continuing on the same, tiresome path it was coursing the last time I mentioned it. I'd mention it again, but why be redundant? Same song, next verse. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

The only other thing I wanted to do with this post was link to an exceptional Mentalist fanfic that stands alone as a terrific romance/thriller, even with little prior knowledge of the show itself. The author is herself pretty interesting, and I recommend perusing both her current story and her profile. A reader's caveat, however: this lady gives new meaning to the term "evil cliffhanger."

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I finished chapter 11 tonight. It's all of 2700 or so words, and I reads okay, but I need sleep and a fresh perspective to tell for sure. I thought about posting a section of it here, but it's so full of spoilers I don't think I'd better. The best part of the chapter is the dialogue, which I think is pretty fun. The part I'm a bit insecure about is whether it's fully performing its duty in moving the plot forward. I suppose, at worst, it's fluff. Everyone likes a little fluff, right?

Speaking of insecurities (Alright, I'll admit I'm being tongue-in-cheek here. I don't mean it), I was visiting yesterday and saw that not only is one of my favorite SMK writers in the midst of posting a multi-chapter piece, but now one of my top three, dang-I-wish-I-was-that-good writers is also posting a multi-chapter story. I am not ashamed to admit, my first reaction upon seeing her there was an audible squeal.

In case there's anyone who visits me and has a yen for some Scarecrow and Mrs. King fic, here are my top three favs:

Amilyn (also has written a Probe drabble, good woman)

Mary (my number 1 favorite, especially a piece called 'True Companions.' Unfortunately, she hasn't posted anything new in quite a few years)

Resourceful (writes beautifully descriptive pieces with strong characterizations that pull you right into the scene, up close and personal)

I also give honorable mention to inner thoughts, who weaves lovely tales that emphasize the domestic life of the Stetsons, and her dialogue is spot-on and fluffy fun to read.

I hate to stop there, because there are others I also have enjoyed very much, so I'll bow out with the caveat that this is by no means an exhaustive list of amateur writers who bring me joy.
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Last night I did something that was not to the benefit of my current writing project. I read a fanfic that was so awesome, my only criticism is that I didn't write it. It's for Scarecrow and Mrs. King, which has a fairly huge fandom, and many levels of writing skill. Usually, I get some inspriation to write something after reading what someone else put out there. With this piece, all I can say is "uncle."


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