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Today I took the day off work and spent an obnoxious amount of time hovering over the laptop editing my latest project. I'm starting to feel like Gollum from Lord of the Rings--"it is MINE, my precious, heh, heh. It is given to us, our birthday present..." But, that being said, there wasn't a whole lot I could do today since yesterday the furnace crapped out leaving the house full of smoke, and today the house was full of workmen and bereft of gas and partially of electricity. No shower. There is no way I'm getting into a shower with no heated air or heated water in January. No way.

Incidents like this really show you where your friends are. We had a number of space heaters show up at the door, and one offer of a no-interest loan. I'm just grinning like a lunatic because there were no fire trucks or carbon monoxide alarms involved. Could have been a whole lot worse. Anyway, all's well. The heat is on (hey vesper, might I suggest a song?), I borrowed my parents' shower, and tomorrow's Unbelievable Tupperware Extravaganza and Chick-Flick party is going forward as planned.

Project-wise, I overhauled Chapter 1, and I'm thinking of rewriting Chapter 4. I think that might get me back on track. Golly, I hope so.


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