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This post may be dull, since I'm only writing it because it's been a few days since I put out anything new, and I don't want to lose the habit.

I'm contemplating starting posts of the Probe project I've been incubating for a month now, but I have a couple of reservations.

1. It's nowhere near done.

2. It needs an audience of at least 3 so I don't get depressed. I think the Yahoo groups site may supply that. So far, it appears there are 3 actual group members and one porn solicitor currently visiting the site.

Since I operate much more efficiently on a deadline, I may start to post just to ensure I do finish the story.

Secondly, I caught a mood. Unable to restrain myself, I had to visit my J-drama online site and check out "With Love". Watched ep 1 and now I'm feeling vague, listless, out of sorts. This is entirely because I am a certified mood sponge. I will always, without fail, reflect whatever mood dominates my environment. All right, maybe I'm sleepy, too.

Lastly, food. I need to start eating again. Yesterday, I came within inches of eating lunch. Then eldest son says, "Gee, I'd sure like another sandwich." I passed over my turkey n' cheddar. It felt almost like actually eating a meal myself. Someday these children will be grown and I'll hunker down every day and eat and gain a whole lot of weight. For now, the can of Planters and giant coffee carafe are my lifeblood.


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