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Oh, sweet satisfaction! I finally have closure. It is complete. Tonight, doncfoley, to whom I am eternally indebted, posted the episode of Adderly called "A Far, Far Better Thing." I have been waiting more than twenty years to see the last half of that episode. I taped it on the VCR in high school when it aired, but due to some switch-up in programming, I got half an episode of The Pat Sajak Show and half an Adderly. After that trauma, I used to set my alarm to wake me for Adderly so I could personally supervise the videotaping of the show.

Out of 44 episodes, Mr. Foley chose to upload this one 43rd. I think it is part of a larger, divine sense of humor. Was it worth the wait? Well, yes and no. Yes, because that last half contained the most humiliating moment of V.H. Adderly's life, which I found terribly funny. No, because the ending didn't quite satisfy. I might correct that little remiss with my own fiction. The only other disappointment about that episode is how uncharacteristically stupid Adderly was. I'll have to work that little chink into my overall concept of him before I write anything else.

Husband had to sit and watch with me tonight. I told him that a moment as exciting as this must be shared. But it was a great cap to a date night: Thai food, Barnes and Noble, coffee, Adderly. Can't think of a better way to spend an evening.
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This is a little tiny piece of a scene from "Run to Darkness" that always impressed me. It has been referred to as the watershed episode in the relationship between Mona and Adderly, which skirted the idea of romance but never actually landed there. If anything, it overshot it. They were remarkably good friends. I like the reversal of roles that was going on in this part.

The Rock Fractured

The man who lately would not let her so much as straighten his necktie now lay sprawled across the hotel room bed, prone and exhausted, with his head in her lap. He was her rock, her hero, her dear friend. She was not so naïve as to think he hadn’t visited the beds of a good many women. But she herself was not numbered among them. Neither she nor Adderly would allow it.

Mona stiffened involuntarily against the unexpected intimacy of his weight across her thighs. Then his irrepressible humor cut through her dismay.



“Don’t let me take advantage of you.”

She relaxed into a slouch and smiled down on him. Stroking the thick, blond locks that covered the back of his head, she answered, “I’ll wake you if it gets interesting.”

Women had loved him, governments had feared him, enemy agents had pursued him and sometimes tortured him. But none had gained his trust and confidence that caused him to drop his guard and lay himself bare. None, but the unassuming secretary from Miscellaneous Affairs.

“Sweet dreams,” she murmured, resting her hand against his temple. She clutched his shoulder a little tighter and shivered at the enormity of the role he had given her. It was a sweet burden that she mentally vowed never to abandon. Today, she was the rock.
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It seems a thankless business to be a Canadian television actor. They get practically no promotion. Check them out on Wikipedia or whatever, and you come up practically empty-handed. This is as opposed to Americans on fairly obscure shows like "Young Indiana Jones Chronicles" (1992-1993), or Japanese actors who have photos and height and weight stats available. And fanfic...There are Canadian-produced shows I enjoyed in years past, and you think I can find fanfic on any of these? No wonder so many Canadian actors head south to find work. Anyway, in support of my poor, unsung Adderly, I will write a fitting synopsis...

Imagine a Canadian version of James Bond. He's intellectually brilliant, physically gorgeous. He's fearless, athletic, has a killer sense of humor and an exemplary character as a human being. This is V.H. Adderly. He was top dog in the intelligence community, specializing in European covert operations during the deadly cold war era of the 1980's. One fateful night in East Berlin, he was captured by enemy agents who, in an attempt to extract intelligence secrets from him, smashed his left hand with a mace. He escaped, he survived, but his hand is useless and his career ruined. He was sent home to (presumably) Toronto and reassigned to Miscellaneous Affairs, the bottom rung of the entire agency. His boss is a snivelling, hen-pecked, petty beaurocrat named Greenspan and his only other office-mate is the over-qualified secretary, a Miss Moneypenny wannabe named Mona. It is utter humiliation. The only thing keeping him going is the dauntless hope that if he can only prove himself still useful to I.S.I. (International Sercurity and Intelligence), he'll be reassigned to Covert Operations. In the meantime, he keeps finding massive trouble buried in his trivial assignments (e.g. courier, movie theater usher, bodysitter), which endlessly aggravates his immediate supervisor as well as the director-general of I.S.I., Major Clack.

What keeps me watching Adderly, though, more than the context is the character of Adderly himself. He's so unabashedly hopeful he'll return to the place he was, even though it really does look unlikely. His basically good-humored, easy-going nature collides with his frustrations and regrets over his current situation with some really heart-rending results. There's subtle indications of his woundedness woven into the stories--the way he hides his non-functioning left hand in his jacket pocket, his flashbacks to the night he was tortured, the way he kicks his company-requisitioned car every time it dies out on him, his expression every time someone calls him "one-armed" or otherwise questions his competence. The only person who seems to understand him is Mona, who entertains romantic notions of Adderly, but really is like a sister, a best buddy, and sometimes a protege. She runs great interference with Mr. Greenspan, and she's not intimidated by Adderly's occasional moodiness.

There are so many fanfiction avenues that could be taken with this show. Did Adderly ever get back into covert operations? Did his relationship with Mona remain platonic, and was she okay with that? Did he ever really come to terms with his injury, and redirect his life in response to that? Did he get back together with his old flame, Jennifer, once she retired from covert operations after being held prisoner in Eastern Europe for 3 1/2 years? Did Mona ever get accepted into operative training school? So many ideas, so little time...

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Well, hello, blog. I'm resurfacing from a splendid Adderly lovefest on Youtube. We're up to 16 episodes posted. Two went up while I was watching another one earlier toight. And #16 is Requiem, one of my alltime favorites. Adderly supposedly dies. I don't think it's a spoiler to say he doesn't actually die. I mean, he's the title character after all. It's a great opportunity to see how his coworkers really feel about him, though. The office secretary, Mona, is my favorite. Her devastation when the office manager has to break the news just kills me, and then the reunion...big ol' smile on my face every time.

In other news, my resident thesbian is preparing for opening night of the local performance of "Anne Frank." He plays a scary Nazi. He gave me a sneak-peak of his part, and I have to say, he is a very scary Nazi. Hard to believe a man can be such an innocuous goofball and still play a very convincing brute. He says next time he's doing a comedy or he's passing it up. I've read The Diary of Anne Frank, and honestly, I'd rather not see the play. But since Husband went to the trouble to take a part in it, I probably ought to buck up and show some support.
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Something strange and amazing and utterly unexpected happened today, which caused me to do a happy dance in the kitchen with random children and husband this morning. I received an email from a yahoogroup I forgot I belonged to, since I hadn't logged on in about 8 years. Adderly. Has. Gone. On. Youtube.

Adderly! What is Adderly, you say? Adderly was a great little spy comedy/drama from 1986-1988, Canadian produced on late night, that I adored in high school, almost (I mean real close), almost as much as Probe. It went on for something like 44 episodes, of which 24 I ever saw and/or recorded on VHS. At one point, one of the Yahoo members and I exchanged copies of our stash, so I have a few more rather poor, grainy recordings. But I never, never got to see the last half of the elusive "A Far, Far Better Thing", which has been steadily chewing at my soul for the past 23 years.

I saw the email, then had to depart for work. Then I got home and had to tuck in the kids, then came Big Bang Theory (can't help myself), then had to chase husband off Facebook (humming the Adderly theme song until he relented), then posted this........Done! Helllloooo, Adderly!


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