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As we approach the impending face-to-face with Parker Stevenson, a peculiar side of me has emerged...the fangirl. I truly believed I was immune to the phenomenon, but, as recent events suggest, that would be incorrect.

It began with the purchase of the ticket, which led to the need to replace myself that day at work, which led to the realization that...Dear Lord, what do I say to him? I can't waste such a unique opportunity receding into introverted oblivion that wouldn't dream of imposing anything so bold as EYE CONTACT.

So I did the only thing I could think of to prepare myself. Research. With the aid of Google, I researched Parker Stevenson. That was fun. Out of sincere respect, I steered clear of the obviously tabloid garbage and tried to stick with recent photos and interviews. I also took in his photography web page, which is thought provoking in itself. I caught the episode of Longmire he guest starred in last week.

Then the thought occurred to me: I don't want to meet him empty-handed. I should give him something, some token of appreciation. How about making a gift of one of my creative efforts in appreciation for one of his creative efforts? But not one of my stories. At 50K words or more, that's a commitment, not a token. And that would be weird. I had one other project in the works, my piano arrangement of the theme song for Probe. Perfect. So I spent some time completing and embellishing it, with much unsolicited assistance from a number of my children.

Oh, it turned out nice, though! I've been practicing it, to make sure it actually sounds decent. It's a swell rendition, if I do say so myself. Then came the problem of how to present my gift. I can't just hand him a stack of paper. So I copied the work onto three sheets of good, matte stock paper and bought a glossy folder to stick them in. Black would have been fitting, but it wasn't available. I ended up with a deep, blue-green that I imagine resembles the Pacific Ocean in full sun. Appropriate.

This is pathetically "fangirl." Who would have thought I'd sink to such lows. Aie! I am 41 years old! And the countdown continues.
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