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At the rate I'm going, chapter 8 is going to be posted before a lot of my followers read chapter 7. This is a good thing. It makes me happy. The only downside? My children are complaining that I'm obsessed. Maybe I am. I do enjoy getting on such a role, though. I can't be too apologetic about it.

Anyway, they have no cause to complain. Today I took the three older boys bowling and out for blizzards at DQ, in honor of #2's birthday. It's getting to be quite a lot of fun to hang out with my men.

I'm going to post a tiny fragment of chapter 8 thus spoilers, just enough to whet the appetite for the rest of it, hopefully. :)

Austin was trying his best to keep his manner aloof, but Mickey had to chuckle at his miserable attempt to suppress an appreciative smile. It was impossible not to be charmed by the old gentleman.

So they broke the gravity of the conversation for rich cannoli and sweet wine, and afterward, Uncle had another request of his host. He left his seat and returned to the kitchen for the wooden box he had brought. He carried it to the table, now cleared of dinnerware and wiped clean. There, he unfolded the box, which was hinged at one end, revealing a chess board. From the two compartments under the board he poured out the carved stone playing pieces. He proceeded to set each piece in its prescribed position. This accomplished, he raised his eyes to extend a wordless invitation to Austin, and the two shared a smile.

“Black,” Austin said.

Uncle nodded. His dark eyes gleamed, and he turned the board ninety degrees. “As you wish.” Holding Austin’s stare, he placed his hand on a pawn and chose his first move, and the game was begun.
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